Suitable Pricing Plans

Generally, business directories give profile creation option for free. They charge to get higher position when someone searches these business directories for some businesses. For example- if some user of your website looks for a travel company in his local area, then those travel companies who paid you will be listed in top positions in the search results and non-paid will be listed after the paid ones. Besides the search positions, you can charge companies for monthly leads. GoCityAd also offers VIP package subscription with some minimal investment which provides extra benefits for the growth of the business.

Free Plan

  • Add Business
  • Add Multiple Locations
  • More Visibility Online
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Get Business Followers
  • SMS Marketing
  • Add Keywords Up to 5

VIP Plan

  • All Free Plan +
  • Add Keywords Unlimited
  • Offers, Job & Events Post
  • Single Page Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Track Customers Insights